The three months that passed since the release of SharpSetup 1.8.1 have been busy - besides work on new major version of SharpSetup I have also fixed a few bugs in 1.8 series and even introduced some minor new features. So here is the result: SharpSetup 1.8.2.

The most obvious difference when compared to previous versions is the use of the new logo. However, there are also other changes:

  • support for VC++ 2012 Update 3 Redistributable,
  • support for custom command line parameters without value (flag),
  • fix for installation logging encoding issue,
  • fix crash in WPF GUI related to Prerequisite Check Step,
  • fix banner sizes with non standard dpi settings,
  • fix error when updating .wxl file,
  • fix handling of cancel event during installer initialization,
  • fix occasional miscalculation of installer payload location.

As usual you can get the new version from the download page.