May 3rd, 2010. After several months of development first version of SharpSetup has been released. SharpSetup allows installer developers to create Graphical user interface (GUI) for WiX based setup packages directly in .NET technologies (eg. C#/Windows Forms). SharpSetup eases user interface creation by providing ready to use components such as:

Step templates

  • Welcome Step
  • License Step
  • User Registration Step
  • Feature Selection Step
  • Installation Location Step
  • Prerequisites Check Step
  • Initialization Step
  • Installation Ready Step
  • Installation Mode Step
  • Installation Type Step
  • Installation Step
  • Finish Step
  • Fatal Error Step

WinForms controls/dialogs

  • Feature Tree Control
  • Simple Disk Cost Box Control
  • Destination Path Control
  • Installation Mode Selector Control
  • Disk Cost List Control
  • Prerequisite List Control
  • Files In Use Dialog
  • Installation Progress Control

Other features of SharpSetup

  • create single file exe installers that are convenient for placing on web sites for download as well as placing on installation media such as CD/DVD;
  • add file components to WiX code by providing Add Component dialog;
  • create multi-language installers.


  • Hardware: SharpSetup does not impose any other hardware requirements than required by software needed for using SharpSetup (see below);
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP or newer is required. SharpSetup has been tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista 64-bit, WIndows 7 and Windows Server 2008; installers created using SharpSetup will run on Windows 2000 as well;
  • Visual Studio: either Visual Studio 2008 with Service Pack 1 or Visual Studio 2010 is required;
  • Windows Installer XML toolset: SharpSetup works with recent builds of WiX v3.5 (eg. 3.5.1512.0). Some earlier versions had problems with Visual Studio 2010 integration.