Congratulation, well done!

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Congratulation, well done!

Postby sewdevks » Thu Apr 07, 2011 6:32 am

I tested version 1.4 to generate a fully localized and functional setup and I ended up successfully.

You did a good job!

Let me note 3 things anyway:

- in some forms you use objects which can't be localized directly and therefore the properties .Location and .Size are not accessible. This will/may lead into problems with localized string longer than the english ones. (Sample: SharpSetup.UI.Controls.DestinationPath.resx of project Translation, control btnChange)

- an easy way to add a corporate image to top label of some forms would be very nice, perhaps using a picturebox. (Sample: FeatureSelectionStep.cs of project GUI, control lblTopArea)

- responsiveness to user action may/can be improved (Sample WelcomeStep.cs and LicenseStep.cs). What I mean is that if a user clicks button Next in WelcomeStep.cs (at runtime) it lasts awhile to display LicenseStep.cs but there is no visible response to the click. In first moment the user doesn't know if system accepted his click. Disabling button Next or changing mousepointer could be helpful, or better reduce loading time of LicenseStep.cs.

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Re: Congratulation, well done!

Postby tomasz_grobelny » Thu Apr 07, 2011 10:52 pm

Good to hear it's all working correctly. As for your comments:
Ad. 1 I'm not sure if I understand you correctly, but still let me try to explain. I see two options for translating text inside compound controls: either expose localizable properties or localize it by creating satellite assemblies for SharpSetup.dll. In my opinion the latter approach has the following advantages: you can easily share translations between different setup projects and you clearly see what needs to be translated in one place. As for DestinationPath specifically: the only translatable string is button text. And if it gets longer the text box will automatically shrink (they are in a table layout panel).
Ad. 2 Did you need to do anything other than simply adding new control and setting its z-order? Currently I find this procedure easy enough (hope it works for you).
Ad. 3 Not sure if I will be able to make it quicker. But certainly adding some kind of visual feedback is a good idea (I'll keep that in my BTS for future versions of SharpSetup).

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Re: Congratulation, well done!

Postby ellarr » Wed Jul 27, 2011 12:54 am

For responsiveness (at least on the welcome step), you can change the WelcomeStep_OnNext method in WelcomeStep.cs to:

Code: Select all

        private void WelcomeStep_OnNext(object sender, ChangeStepEventArgs e)
            Wizard.NextButton.Enabled = false;
            Wizard.LifecycleAction(LifecycleActionType.ModeSelected, mode);

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