sharpsetup 2 ADDLOCAL problem

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sharpsetup 2 ADDLOCAL problem

Postby polzka90 » Thu Nov 16, 2017 12:28 pm

i am using sharpsetup 2 to execute a msi compound by features. i do silentinstall using the cmd and ADDLOCAL to specify the features i want and it is working fine

the problem is when i use sharpsetup and i passed the parameter ADDLOCAL. when msi is execute it is taking the parameter i send but later its change it again and select all features by default

here is the code

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msiOi.Properties.Add("SERVERNAME", Configuration.Instance.DbServerName);
                    msiOi.Properties.Add("INSTANCENAME", Configuration.Instance.InstanceName);
                    List<string> FeaturesSeleted = new List<string>();

                        FeaturesSeleted.Add("ProductFeatureMCT");//Id Feature Inside the installer

                    if (Configuration.Instance.ProductFeatures.InstallSam)
                        FeaturesSeleted.Add("ProductFeatureSAM");//Id Feature Inside the installer
                    msiOi.Properties.Add("ADDLOCAL", string.Join(",", FeaturesSeleted));

here is the msi log:
MSI (c) (E0:14) [10:05:19:488]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding ADDLOCAL property. Its value is 'ProductFeatureMCT'.

MSI (c) (E0:14) [10:05:19:628]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Modifying ADDLOCAL property. Its current value is 'ProductFeatureMCT'. Its new value: 'MainFeatureTree,ProductFeatureMCT,ProductFeatureSAM'.

i any can help me i really appreciate


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