SharpSetup is nearing version 1.0, so it's high time to write a few explanatory posts on what it is all about. Blog seems like a fine way to do it.

Some time ago I have written two articles on why I think Windows Installer technology could have been designed better and what can be done to make it more usable (Windows Installer thoughts and Bootstrapper). It was meant to be a series of blog entries but it turned out that I'm better at writing code than writing about code (at least I hope so). So for the last half a year I have been writing code for what is to become a tool for developing software installers for .NET applications. As it is written mostly in C# (with some small portions in C++) I thought that SharpSetup is quite an appropriate name. This SharpSetup blog is meant to document and describe advancements in creating the most developer friendly tool for creating setup packages for .NET applications ever. Stay tuned!