Today the Technical Preview 1 of SharpSetup 2.0 has been released. Highlights include support for VS2013 and autoupdater.

This version contains all features and bugfixes of the 1.8.2 release plus two new major features:

  • support for Visual Studio 2013,
  • autoupdater support.

The support for Visual Studio 2013 is considered relatively stable - installers built using this version of SharpSetup should not be any less stable than those built using SharpSetup 1.8.2. The support for Visual Studio 2013 means that you can use VS2013 for installer development as well as easily install VC++ 2013 Redistributable Components.

The support for autoupdater is somewhat less advanced. However, it is already functional - new versions of SharpSetup will be distributed using this mechanism. You can also add an autoupdater to a newly created installer by checking appropriate checkbox on installer creation dialog.

To try out the new version go to the download page and report issues on the forum.