Some users prefer to ask for support on the forum, some prefer to ask using e-mail. In both cases they do get support, in both cases it normally happens within 24 hours, in both cases the users can remain anonymous to general public. However, there is one important difference between those two forms of support.

When you ask forum question every other (potential or real) user of SharpSetup can see both the question and the answer. Or more importantly they can find it using their preferred search engine. This reduces the time to solve the same issue from several hours that I would need to answer the same question again to under a minute that is needed to type the query into your favourite search engine text box. In short: making Q&A public brings benefits to all SharpSetup users. On the other hand I do understand that it might be easier to just send an e-mail than registrering on the forum and asking the question there. Also in some cases the e-mail might contain pieces of information that should not be made public (like product names, source code).

To get the best of the two worlds I decided to share support requests that I receive by e-mail using a special forum user called "privsup" (from Private Support). The information posted by this user it posted by SharpSetup support, but originally comes from real users of SharpSetup. The messages might have been modified to strip away personal names, company names, product names and any other information that might be used to identify person who asked the question. Also the message may be in some way processed, eg. if someone asked two unrelated questions in one e-mail it might be posted as two separate threads.

I hope this will make it even easier to use SharpSetup, get answers and fix issues that come up during installer development.