Today the Beta 1 of SharpSetup 2.0 has been released. Highlights include improved autoupdater support, simplified creation of 32/64-bit installer and change of default update method.

Compared to SharpSetup 2.0 Technical Preview 1 this release includes:

  • improved autoupdater support - feel free to test the autoupdater functionality and report any issues found,
  • the default update method has been changed from uninstall+install to Major Upgrade method - please note however that existing installers will not pick up the new method automatically; this is to maintain compatibility,
  • functionality to simplify creation of 32/64-bit installers - this was of course possible with previous version of SharpSetup as well, but now all you need to do is to right-click solution node in Solution Explorer and select "Add 64-bit packge" command.

To try out the new version go to the download page and report issues on the forum.