After Technical Preview version, two Beta versions and three Release Candidates the final release of SharpSetup 1.6 is out. Read below to get short overview of the release. To get the release right now go to the download page.

SharpSetup 1.6 release cycle is hopefully coming to an end. Please enjoy the new Release Candidate version. If no major problems are found with this version it will become the 1.6 final in several weeks.

With the release of this version I would also like to announce the upcoming licensing changes. In short: SharpSetup is to become a commercial product in the near future. I believe that this move will allow SharpSetup to become an even greater product than it is today.


During the 3 months since the release of Technical Preview version a number of bugs have been identified (many thanks to those who took part in this testing phase!) and fixed. Also some minor missing features have been implemented. All this means that SharpSetup 1.6 is ready for the next milestone: Beta 1 version.

Two months after the release of SharpSetup 1.6 Beta 1 it is high time for another beta version: Beta 2. This version contains many fixes for bugs reported since Beta 1. It also contains a number of usability improvements requested for in the past months. Most likely this is the last beta before SharpSetup 1.6 final. Download the new version and enjoy testing.

Next version of SharpSetup is reaching a stage in which it can be presented to users. The Technical Preview release should be available within a couple of weeks to users that are interested in testing this version. To express your interest please send an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. While waiting for the new version you might want to have a look at features that are new in this version.