SharpSetup 1.4.1 - a service release for SharpSetup 1.4 - has been released. It contains fixes for a few issues discovered after 1.4 release.

I have seen more than once that when SharpSetup is brought to somebody's attention (either by me or somebody else) the reply is along the lines of 'I've tried it, but it crashes my VS!' Let me be very clear about this: SharpSetup is a stable product and the claim that SharpSetup crashes Visual Studio is simply not true.

During the last 2 weeks (closed beta period) several issues with SharpSetup 1.4 were detected (thanks for all the bug reports!) and fixed. Now the new version of SharpSetup should be ready for general use. To get SharpSetup 1.4 beta 3 go to the download page


After over 5 months of development and over a month long beta period SharpSetup 1.4 is finally out. As no major issues were reported against release candidate version the RC1 has just been renamed to stable version. If you haven't downloaded it yet then go to the download page and explore new features that come with the new version.

As promised a month ago the beta version of SharpSetup 1.4 is ready for testing. If you expressed your willingness to test the new version you should have received an e-mail with link to SharpSetup's installer by now.