Version 1.2 of SharpSetup turned out to be quite successful and has been downloaded hundreds of times. It fixed a lot of problems from version 1.0, but obviously it is still not perfect. Many of you have reported problems, both on the forum and in private mail. Most of these problems could be worked around and some of the more common ones have been described in the Known issues section of SharpSetup documentation. Now it is time to take next step in SharpSetup development and you can have your share in it.

As you may have noticed a new version of SharpSetup has just been released. It includes two major features and a number of smaller improvements.

To be clear: this has nothing to do with assembly language (nasm, masm and the like). This project is meant to assemble all parts of SharpSetup installer that I have been writing about before into one executable file that can be deployed to the client.

It's been quite some time since SharpSetup 1.0 has been released and more than a month since I've written an article about it. But it doesn't mean that no progress is being made on next version of SharpSetup: version 1.2. This article will give an overview of what you can expect from upcoming version of SharpSetup.

FeatureTree control is probably the most sophisticated control provided by SharpSetup. As promised, here is the article that describes how the control can be configured. In particular it discusses how to hide/show, enable/disable and collapse/expand feature nodes.