If you play with sample SharpSetup installer solution dialogs and other dialog that may be added to your installer you will notice that steps use ordinary WinForms controls (such as labels, text boxes, radio buttons, check boxes, etc.) as well as special SharpSetup controls that interact with Windows Installer. Read below to learn about these controls.

After choosing from a set of dialogs shipped with SharpSetup, adding desired dialogs to your installer solution and scheduling them to display at appropriate point in installer sequence you may want to gain more control over step behaviour. This article shows you how.

Well, this time the news is short: SharpSetup Forum has been launched. Hopefully enough users will join the forum so that it becomes a useful source of information about SharpSetup. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to share them on the forum. From my side I promise to do my best to answer these questions as quickly as possible.

Last technical article (about translations) was quite demanding. This time however we will have a look at somewhat simpler area that is managing steps in main installer GUI. We will see what dialogs are provided by SharpSetup, how they can be added to your installer solution and how to schedule them for display.

One of the most important capabilities provided by SharpSetup compared to using plain WiX is the ability to create installers that allow user to easily choose natural language of the user interface. This article will focus on how to create translations for SharpSetup installer.