After a few months of development first version of SharpSetup has been released (see download page and release notes). In this article I will try to outline the future for SharpSetup with major focus on new features that are currently being developed and ones that will be added in longer term.

Multilingual bootstrapper is the very first piece of code that is executed after user runs setup package. This article will describe bootstrapper's responsibilities, design and relation to other parts of SharpSetup installer. It will also describe how bootstrapper can be configured, translated and extended.

This article presents the most important part of SharpSetup solution that we have seen on screenshots in previous article. It describes how WiX generated MSI database is tied together with Windows Forms (WinForms) based GUI. It shows how Gui project is structured and how you can create custom UI that fits your needs.

As you already know, SharpSetup is built on Windows Installer (WI) technology. WI installation package (also known as MSI database) can be built using various tools. While SharpSetup libraries used in the Gui project make no assumptions on how the MSI file has been built the default when creating new SharpSetup solution is to use Windows Installer XML toolset (WiX). You probably know some WiX basics so this article will focus on areas that are specific to SharpSetup.

After describing philosophy behind constructing SharpSetup and its main concepts now it is time to show that SharpSetup is software that really works. While there is no publicly downloadable version of SharpSetup yet, this article shows a few screenshots of SharpSetup and constitutes a quick start guide for new SharpSetup users.