Today the first release candidate version of SharpSetup 2.0 has just been made available. If no major issues are found during the next two or three weeks SharpSetup 2.0 will finally be released.

Today the Beta 1 of SharpSetup 2.0 has been released. Highlights include improved autoupdater support, simplified creation of 32/64-bit installer and change of default update method.

Today the Technical Preview 1 of SharpSetup 2.0 has been released. Highlights include support for VS2013 and autoupdater.

Some users prefer to ask for support on the forum, some prefer to ask using e-mail. In both cases they do get support, in both cases it normally happens within 24 hours, in both cases the users can remain anonymous to general public. However, there is one important difference between those two forms of support.

The three months that passed since the release of SharpSetup 1.8.1 have been busy - besides work on new major version of SharpSetup I have also fixed a few bugs in 1.8 series and even introduced some minor new features. So here is the result: SharpSetup 1.8.2.