Why should you use SharpSetup and not the other free or commercial alternative applications to create your installer? Top reasons are listed below. You may also want to review the list of SharpSetup features.


Complete solution

SharpSetup is a framework and a set of tools that allows you to create complete application installer solutions for Windows platform using well established technologies like Visual Studio, .NET, C#, C++, Windows Forms, Windows Installer XML and MsBuild. It can be treated as a way to create flexible graphical user interface (GUI) for your Windows Installer XML (WiX) based installer quickly and easily, but it is much more than that.


Developer friendly setup package creation
SharpSetup is a tool written for software engineers. For people whose day-to-day job is writing applications for .NET platform. SharpSetup eases installer development by providing you with ready to use controls, dialog templates, libraries, build scripts and more, but still allows you to shape your installer exactly the way you want it to be. With SharpSetup you can follow the process you are used to as a software developer: write, compile, debug.


Unmatched flexibility
With SharpSetup you can create your installer using general purpose programming languages (C# and C++) and industry standard domain specific languages (WiX for core installation logic and optionally MsBuild for driving the build process). This means that even if SharpSetup does not support given feature you can still incorporate it into your installer with ease either by coding it yourself or by using third party libraries. You can also use wealth of extensibility points: from the ability to react on wizard events (step change events, control events), through reacting to Windows Installer messages, adding C++ code to bootstrapper to replacing whole functional blocks like the default WinForms based user interface with CLI or WPF one.


State of the art GUI creation experience
Use of Visual Studio and Windows Forms technology allows you to visually create dialogs for you installer. Not only can you use standard controls such as button, label, checkbox, listbox, etc. but you can also use existing third party control libraries and create your own controls. SharpSetup also delivers useful WinForms controls that interact with Windows Installer such as FeatureTree, InstallationPath, InstallationProgress and other controls.


Use technologies and tools you already know
Why spend time learning yet another programming language just to create an installer when you can use your existing knowledge of C#, C++ and WiX? Why learn yet another IDE when you can develop your installer using Visual Studio - an IDE that you use on a day by day basis? With SharpSetup you can utilize your current expertise to develop professional setup packages. You can also use standard tools that you use during your day to day development, including source control providers, translation tools, Visual Studio productivity addins, and more.


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